Yosemite by Harrison Clark
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North Dome from Mirror Lake-2
Yosemite Visit Sept 27 2005-5
Half Dome Yosemite
Yosemite Visit Sept 27 2005-11
Yosemite Visit Sept 27 2005-8
Yosemite Visit Sept 27 2005-15
El Capitan from Southside Drive-Find the Juxtaposition.jpg
Half Dome from Sentinal Drive Bridge.jpg
On the Road to Hetch Hetchy.jpg
Classic View of Yosemite Falls from Path to foot of Falls.jpg
Hetch Hetchy.jpg
Hetch Hetchy up close.jpg
Hetch Hetchy from Hetch Hetchy Road.jpg
Merced River from Hwy 120 Near Park Entrance.jpg
Stone Bridge Across Merced River near Happy Isles.jpg
Merced River.jpg
Merced River Along Mist Trail.jpg
Vernal Falls from Mist Trail-2.jpg
Half Dome & Mirror Lake from Glacier Point.jpg
Yosemite Falls from Glacier Point.jpg
Closeup of Half Dome from Glacier Point.jpg
Half Dome from Washburn Point.jpg
Vernal Falls from Washburn Point.jpg
Patio at Awahnee Hotel.jpg
Mirror Lake.jpg
Half Dome from Mirror Lake.jpg
Half Dome from Tanaya Creek.jpg
Tanaya Creek Above Mirror Lake.jpg
North Dome from above Mirror Lake.jpg
Half Dome from Mirror Lake-2.jpg
View North Across Mirror Lake.jpg
Stone Bridge at east end of Valley.jpg
Tunnel View.jpg
Half Dome & BridalVail Falls from Tunnel View.jpg
Half Dome from Meadow on Northside Drive.jpg
Upper Yosemite Falls in Wind from Northside Dr.jpg
Half Dome Close-up from Meadow Just West of Awahnee Hotel.jpg
BridalVail Falls from pull-out on Southside Dr.jpg
Vertical Pano of Yosemite Falls.jpg
BridalVail Falls & Merced River from Big Oak Flat Rd.jpg
Bridalvail Falls from Big Oak Flat Road.jpg
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