Monochrome by Harrison Clark
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CA Coast
Boardwalk to Cypress Grove
CA Coast
Old Fence in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (since removed)
Pelicans & Clearing Storm Couds
Old Sea lions Home on Año Nuevo Island.jpg
Point Reyes Barn and Tree.jpg
50 lb wrench
Idaho City ID Collector-6
Point Reyes June 2010-36.jpg
The Point Reyes Floats No More.jpg
Point Reyes June 2010-43.jpg
Point Reyes June 2010-47.jpg
Puako Shore, Big Island.jpg
Place of Refuge Reed Weaver.jpg
Juxtiposition on the 17 Mile Drive.jpg
Mesmerized Ocean Watchers.jpg
Bodie under clouds.jpg
Pacific Coast.jpg
Famous Tree.jpg
Leaning Trees.jpg
Wave is Coming in Big Sur.jpg
Juxtapostion in B&W.jpg
Point Reyes June 2010-29.jpg
Barn and Windmill Near Point Reyes.jpg
People on the Salt.jpg
Half Dome in Monochrome.jpg
El Capitan Juxtaposition B&W.jpg
Bridalveil Falls_.jpg
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