Eastern Sierra & Hwy 395 by Harrison Clark
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  2. Eastern Sierra & Hwy 395Eastern Sierra & Hwy 395
June Lake Loop in Fall
Fall color on the June Lake Loop; Eastern Sierras; Hwy 395
Hwy 89 Monitor Pass 9000'
Brook into Silver Lake
Mary Lake near Mammoth Lakes
Driftwood on west shore of Mary Lake near Mammoth Lakes, CA
Mary Lk & Crystal Craigs
East Across Antellope Valley
June Lake
Blue Lake
Stars on the Lake
Frog Lake #2
Carson Pass 2
Travertine Hot Springs near Bridgeport CA 1
395 Day 1 (42).jpg
395 Day 1 (44).jpg
Monitor Pass on Hwy 89
Montior Pass 1
Monitor Pass 3
Near Hwy 88 & 89
Carson Pass Cabin in Fall
395 Day 2 (44)-Edit
Bristle Cone Pine Closeup
395 Day 2 (69)
Eastern Sierras
395 Day 3 (17)
395 Day 3 (41)
Tufas in the sun
Old Shack & Sierra Nevada-Edit
Fall Color from Conway Summit-2.jpg
Aspen Grove from Conway Summit.jpg
Colorful High Desert South of Lee Vining (7100').jpg
Desert flora near Mono Lake; shaeded mountains south of Mono Lake
Rain East of Lee Vining.jpg
Sand Tufas (formed under lake bed).jpg
Fall Colors & Tufas & Lake & Clouds.jpg
Tall Sand Tufas.jpg
Sierras from Shore of Mono Lake.jpg
Mono Lake Tufas.jpg
Elegant Tufas.jpg
Red Grass in High Desert.jpg
Unusual grass-like plant near Mono Lake. Park Rangers could not identify it.
Fall Colors on June Lake Loop.jpg
Sunny Fall on June Lake Loop.jpg
Silver Lake Aspens.jpg
Colorful Fall Grasses_.jpg
Devil's Post Pile 1.jpg
Devil's Post Pile 2.jpg
Devil's Post Pile 5.jpg
Devil's Post Pile 8.jpg
Middle Fork of San Juaquin River Near Post Pile.jpg
Near Mammoth Lakes.jpg
From Road to Devil's Postpile 1.jpg
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