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Seals in the Shower
Nacimiento Fergusson Rd nr Kirk Creek 3
Picture 034.jpg
McWay Falls
Water Fall I
North of McWay Falls-2
Harmony Post Office.jpg
Old Fence in Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (since removed).jpg
Coastal Point-Edit.jpg
Partington Cove.jpg
Partington Cove Splash.jpg
Coast Colors.jpg
Wave is Coming in Big Sur.jpg (Rectangular hole in sea stack at xxx beach in Big Sur)
People on a pier.jpg
Boardwalk to Cypress Grove.jpg
Boardwalk and Flowers.jpg
Old Market in Cambria East Village.jpg
Bicycle in Harmony.jpg
Morro Rock.jpg
Leaning Trees.jpg
Fog Rolling In-2-2
Wheels in Harmony
Cambria Shore.jpg
Seagul in Cambria.jpg
Door in Harmony, CA.jpg
Harmony, CA.jpg
Light filtered by Stained Glass in Harmony.jpg
Cambria Sunset.jpg
Racing Team.jpg
Wagon for Big Kids.jpg
Old stuff near Cambria-2
Morro Bay dock
Cabin for Rent on Moonstone Drive in Cambria.jpg
Playful Pelicans.jpg
San Simeon School & Hearst Castle.jpg
Old Cypress Near Sebastions & Heast Castle
Magnificant Cypress Trees Near Hearst Castle
Pelicans & Clearing Storm Couds.jpg
Ragged Point.jpg
Ragged Point-2
Los Osos near Morro Bay.jpg
Los Osos near Morro Bay_.jpg
Marine Terrace at Montana de Oro State Park-2
Marine Terrace at Montana de Oro State Park
Cambria Sunset-6
Night Walk in Cambria.jpg
Piedres Blancas Light Station from the south.jpg
San Simeon Pier Seaweed-1
San Simeon Pier 1
San Simeon Beach
Cambria Sunset-3.jpg
Harmony Headlands State Park CA 15.jpg
Pacific Coast Near Plaskett 6.jpg
PCH from Nacimiento Fergusson Rd Nr. Kirk Creek
PCH from Nacimiento Fergusson Rd Nr. Kirk Creek-2.jpg
Big Creek Bridge.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-33.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-30.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-13.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-26.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-23.jpg
Invasive Ice Plant on PCH.jpg
Gnarly Oak Tree in Montana de Oro State Park.jpg
Gnarly Oak Tree in_.jpg
CA Coast.jpg
March 2010 Drive Up the Coast-31.jpg
Ragged Point PCH.jpg
North of Ragged Point.jpg
Faces in the rock.jpg
Wary Seagul.jpg
Famous Tree.jpg
Juxtiposition on the 17 Mile Drive.jpg
Pacific Coast Hwy.jpg
Pier at Twilight.jpg
CA Coast Flowers.jpg
Pacific Coast.jpg
Sunset in Cambria.jpg
Sebastian's in San Simeon.jpg
Tree & Setting Sun on Moonstone Beach.jpg
Pier Legs.jpg
Most Famous Tree (If you've done the 17 Mile Drive south of Pacific Grove (south of Monterey) then you've seen this tree.)

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